Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kitchen Envy

I received the February 2011 copy of Kitchens Bedrooms & Bathrooms (UK) yesterday in the post (please excuse my amateur scanning)!

Now this is a magazine I have subscribed to for years, since living in the UK. It used to have fabulous homes that provided one of the best references for design work.  Recently, however, I've found it really disappointing, featuring what I consider to be flash property developments or homes designed with huge budgets but not much else!  I know that's pretty blunt but the homes seems to have lost the interest factor where clever people have worked together to create a beautiful home that obviously functions well.  So, I was so pleased when February's copy devoted 12 pages to a fabulous extension and renovation to a 17th Century Grade II-listed home in Oxfordshire.  I had seen this home in Homes and Gardens (UK) a little while back, but I notice there's some new (and fabulous) furniture in this spread.

What I love, love, love is the kitchen space, where my favourite kitchen manufacturer, Bulthaup, has installed the Baulthaup B3 kitchen.  We lived in Marylebone when we first lived in London and one of my favourite things was staring in the windows of all the beautiful kitchen showrooms along Wigmore St.  Bulthaup was my favourite and they relaunched the showroom in 2009, covering nearly 2,000 m2 - imagine!

What is really impressive, I think, is the space the extension allows.  All that storage!  Two islands provide one for prep and one for a breakfast bar - what a luxury!

I love the way Bulthaup abuts the bar to the worktop so that it appears to float.

The same issue featured another Bulthaup B3 Kitchen and I just love the contrast of the 13mm worktops with the 9cm breakfast bar.

We did similar with the kitchen in our Wellington House, but dropped the bar down the side return as it hid the bar stools from the view from the hallway:

Guests really gravitated to that space and I still felt I had plenty of prep room, while I could put food and drinks on the timber bar.  But oh, for the space of that Oxfordshire kitchen!

All images (except for last one - my own), courtesy of Kitchens, Bedrooms & Bathrooms Magazine February 2011 Issue.

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