Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ikea Happiness

I have finally taken some photos of the Ikea Stockholm Rand rug I had delivered to our living room just before Christmas.  It has been somewhat difficult during school holidays to find a moment where the room is not covered in kids' paraphernalia but here it is as good as it gets right now:

The team at Myflatpack were amazing at helping me source this rug which I had been wanting for ages.  It was sold out in Australia for a long time but they persisted and came up with the goods just in time for Christmas, even delivering it at 6.30pm on the Saturday before Christmas.  They are delightful to deal with; I've had several deliveries from them and I really admire what they're doing.

I am a big Ikea fan.  I know some designers consider Ikea all that is bad about people's approach to modern design but I like the honesty and integrity of Ikea products - you get what you pay for within each range.  In recent years they've really expanded their range with some higher end collections.

I was inspired to source this rug when I saw this picture of Nate Berkus' Chicago apartment on Apartment Therapy:

My next project is some reupholstery to bring some colour.  Love Nate's green but am thinking yellow, of course!

So again, thank you Myflatpack x.

Image 5: Apartment Therapy; All other images my own.


  1. EXTREMELY jealous! It's been out of stock here in Sydney forever!!! Looks awesome. ;)

  2. Thank you Louise - so lovely to hear from you! As there is no Ikea in NZ (grrrrr) I have been bombarding the team at MyFlatpack here who have started up importing Ikea for desperate Kiwis. It took me several months to get that rug, due to it being out of stock, but I nabbed one I saw in the Richmond (Vic) store and demanded/asked sweetly for it! Take care x.