Monday, December 6, 2010

Thoughtful Christmas

Christina Re papers to cover a journal

I saw an article on the Stuff news website, while shovelling breakfast before school run, and thought it was good advice. It is from Claire Mataira from the Hamilton Budget Advisory Trust, with her list of inexpensive but thoughtful presents:

1. Gourmet coffees with a personal coffee cup

2. A kilo of specialty nuts

3. Child's artwork, framed

4. Journal with special inscription inside

5. Teacup with box of herbal tea

6. Deck of cards and book of card game rules

7. Homemade cocoa mix in a pretty jar

8. Collage of special photos

9. Gel pens and pretty stationery

10. Bottle of sparkling cider.

I usually find such lists a little naff, but thought this one had some really nice ideas in it.

I really like the idea of the journal, which I would cover in a special paper. Christina Re (above image) does some fabulous ones and they're easy to find at most Paper Plus, Whitcoulls and Gordon Harris shops. Children's artwork, or a blown up photo, framed, is a great idea for Grandparents. Try MyFlatPack (Ikea goods delivered in NZ) for great frames.

My only niggle is number 10....cider. Sorry, but 'tis the season to be jolly and that's best done on Champagne!

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