Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Look What Arrived In The Post Today...

Chair Collection Notecards

...amongst others.  It started like this:

As pretty as this is, it wasn't long before...

Three beautiful sets of notecards from Annechovie Art by Anne Harwell on Etsy emerged.  I think they are so fabulous and although bought as gifts, I suspect they may only ever leave the house in separate envelopes!  Anne sent a lovely email confirming my order and then the package came with this note enclosed:

Now, from Florida to Auckland, isn't that a lovely way to "buy handmade". Thank you Anne x.

Image 1: Annechovie Etsy Shop

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  1. Well, Annechovie is a MASTER, isn't she? How wonderful is it to get that nice little note in a package with your purchase? I thoroughly enjoyed visiting your blog, and am definitely bookmarking it to return!