Monday, December 13, 2010

It's That Time Of Year... thank my girls' schoolteachers for being very calm, patient and talented people!  I have made this easy on myself, and nice for them I think, in making the same thing each year.  I always get a great response and I really love making this.  Here's one I made earlier:

Renny Aprea's Pandolce Basso

Actually, I swiped the image from the recipe below, but honestly, mine turns out looking like this every year and it is truly delicious.  It can be eaten with cheese or just a sprinkling of icing sugar.  It lasts about 6 weeks although last year I found it lasted better wrapped tightly in cling film before wrapping in sellophane as suggested.  It also looks fabulous wrapped up in gold gauze with ribbon.

It may not be as flash as some of the presents that seem to make it to school but I think it shows time and effort and is always well received.  I make 4 each batch and 2 to 3 batches each year as they are perfect presents for neighbours and people you may have forgotten to buy for!

My Favourite Christmas Recipe

Happy December Baking x.

Images:  Cuisine Magazine 2006

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