Thursday, December 9, 2010

I Am Loving...

...yellow!  The sun is shining and it's almost Christmas.  Try not to smile looking at all this yellow:

Michael Geertsen for Muuto, Closely Separated Vase

I so love this vase and have even cleared a spot for its appearance under the Christmas tree!

India Mahdavi, Bishop Stool

India Mahdavi is one of my favourite designers.  This Bishop stool also comes in a fabulous turquoise, but today, the theme is yellow!

Alan Campbell for Quadrille Fabrics, Petite Zig Zag

There is a sofa in my living room currently draped with a sample of this and it's looking fine!

La La - only joking, but what a lovely hue!

Mad Cow Restaurant at The Ivy, Sydney

And what would mention of yellow be without one from Kelly Wearstler?

Viceroy Miami

See, you're smiling aren't you?

Image 1:  Made In Design;  Image 2: India Mahdavi;  Image 3: Quadrille Fabrics; Image 4: p2pnet; Image 5: yourRestaurants;  Image 6: Kelly Wearstler, Inc.

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