Thursday, November 18, 2010


Welcome to Annie Loveridge Design.  I am entirely new to blogging and not really sure where to start, but I thought I would share with you why I chose the fabric on my header (Note 19 December 2010 - header fabric has since been changed).  It's called Carnival by Christopher Farr Cloth and I first saw it in Vogue Living (Australia, September/October 2009) in a Sydney apartment designed by Darryl Gordon Design.  The Client had seen it in the Haymarket Hotel in London, and loved it.

Lobby area of the Haymarket Hotel, London.

Lobby again - fabric on walls and sofa.

....and this is how it was interpreted in the apartment:

I think it's quite lovely and makes me smile.  It's somewhat silly - it's a large print and not easy to use but the colours are beautiful, and, well, they're colourful!  Even better, the green colourway comes in a 100% acrylic dyed solution, which means it will withstand a lot more than the linen option, including sun fading, food stains, pets etc.  So, fabulous and practical - perfect I think.

Image 1: Firmdale Hotels  Image 2: Haymarket Hotel via Kelly Green Interiors  Image 3: Darryl Gordon Design via Christopher Farr Cloth website.

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