Friday, November 26, 2010

Google Trouble

I was watching Sarah's House, Season 2, last night, where Sarah Richardson was providing "Curb Appeal" (episode 12) to the house she is renovating.  Well, to light up the carport, when she can't find any suitable outdoor lights, she remembers seeing galvanised lights in loft apartments and hangs 3, individual ones in a line.  They look very similar to Tracey Kessler's Cage Lite, but hung singularly.  They were perfect.  Kind of like the one above.....and therein lies the problem....

I was googling and goggle imaging, looking for a picture of those wretched lights.  No matter what I did, I couldn't find them, buuuuuuut, boy did I find some strange things on the way.

Now I enjoy watching Sarah's house.  It always reminds me that there will always be problems but they can also always be overcome.  I had a great builder back in Perth, WA who said "anything can be done, it's just a matter of how much it's going to cost you".

However, did you know there is a Facebook page called The Sarah Richardson Appreciation Group?  This would not be so strange if it didn't have 2,689 members at the time of writing.

No, I didn't join.

Happy Weekend x.

Image:  Dog Dish Lighting Company

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