Wednesday, November 24, 2010


After writing yesterday's post "Let There Be Light", I went to our local library which has a very up to date selection of House and Garden (UK).  I was flicking through the October 2010 issue and saw this:

House and Garden (UK) Oct 2010

Actually, what caught my eye first was the beautiful chandelier by Bruce Munro, a UK lighting artist.  His work is simply breathtaking and so clever.

Bruce Munro - Chandelier

Bruce Munro - Field of Light

Bruce describes the Field of Light as "an alien installation in the midst of nature" and it has been exhibited at several sites including The Eden Project in Cornwall and the V&A Museum in London.

What I really love though is his CDSea.  After appealing to the public for used and unwanted CDs, he received 600,000; quite a sea!  It was laid by 140 friends and colleagues next to his home in Wiltshire and relied entirely on reflected light.  I think it's quite beautiful.


Image 1:  House and Gardens (UK) October 2010, page 212  All other images via Bruce Munro.

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