Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Absolutely Beautiful Garden Party

Don't you just wish you were a guest at this table?

I think it is magical.

It is at a summer garden dinner party given by the very talented Anna Spiro at her home in Brisbane.  Anna has a FABULOUS shop, Black and Spiro in Brisbane and a very popular blog site, Absolutely Beautiful Things.  I love following her blog - her warmth and pure love of "beautiful things" exudes the pages.  It is a joy to read.

But back to this party....I love the peonies, I love the cushions on the chairs and I love the placemats.  It really makes me smile.  I would have loved to have been at that table.  What an amazing host.

Peonies from Anna's garden

Candles lighting the way to the house

When everything is so frantic this time of year, this garden party must have been a delight to the (very lucky) guests.  Cheers!

Images: Absolutely Beautiful Things, Sunday 28 November 2010.

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