Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Moving On...

Remember, not that long ago when we moved from this...

to this...

...well, it must be a year or so because we're moving again! Yes, Loveridge Towers will be moving approximately two hundred metres from the first house. Kind of makes you wonder why we moved in the first place....ahem...

 I do love the functionality of our current home but I can't shake the feeling of being near the water. So, crane your neck and you too can enjoy a peep of the harbour from our new home. Actually, it's teeny so just one at a time perhaps...

We did actually finish the renovation I started to chronicle, but I struggle to find a decent photo. Truth be known, I struggle to find a room tidy enough to photograph.

Mmmm, that rug's gone and I would like to find those cushions again...

Arabella's Room

Girls' Playroom

Guest Room

Master Bedroom...mental note to close drawers properly in future...

So, it's kinda busy getting ready to move...so I threw a photo shoot in the mix, because I don't like things to be too easy. Tomorrow. Sanity wavering, oh yes!

All photos my own.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nest Weave Awning Stripe

Decoration and Design kicks off in Sydney tomorrow and Armadillo&Co will be releasing some AMAZING new designs.
Behold the beauty of all this colour in a hemp rug...

Nest Weave Awning Stripe

With pretty names like Rosewater,

Duck Egg and Citrus,


and Celadon,

What's not to like?

If you are lucky enough to be in Sydney for Decoration & Design, pop over to C14 and see the gorgeous girls from Armadillo&Co and all the new designs.

If not, and that is me unfortunately, the Awning Stripe will be in at the Paper Room in Auckland in a couple of weeks.

All images courtesy of Armadillo&Co.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy New Year

I suspect I will be the last blogger in town with that title this year! At least it's still January right?
I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year, and for those down under, are enjoying our hot summer and surviving the school holidays. 

I am slowly getting my head back from here...

...and exercising off 4 weeks of hanging out at the buffet breakfast!

We were very fortunate to have a lovely holiday - in Singapore for the Christmas lights, then Christmas on Bin Tan Island - with my husband's family and all the children's cousins.

We visited friends afterwards, back in Singapore, and the kids had a blast at all the fun parks Singapore has to offer. My nerves are still recovering...

Mum, Dad and two wired children then headed for another 10 days of doing absolutely nothing - my type of holiday!

Living here, at the bottom of the world, it is nice to get away and experience new food, languages and cultures. A special treat for me in Asia is the gardens...all those lush greens and layers. Even the hotel gardens were beautifully tended...

I can't tell you how much all that symmetry appeals to my - worsening - sense of order!

The Botanical gardens in Singapore are a whole other blog post - albeit torture to younger members of our family - until we stumbled across this chappie...

In fact, I think the only type of tree my children were interested in the whole trip was this one...

Candylicious...you trying saying NO to your child when this is the entrance...

I think when things get busy it is so easy to just get through the day and the joy is lost.
It was so nice having time - just time really - to relax and not have to rush from A to B.

And so I start 2013 with all the right motives! Long may it last for us all x.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Happy Holidays

What a huge year it's been!
I hope you have all enjoyed a wonderful 2012.
Now it's time to sit back, relax, spend time with friends and family and have F-U-N.

The Pohutukawa Tree is known as the New Zealand Christmas Tree; at the moment they are bedecked with red blossoms all across Auckland and it is a glorious sight.

Annie Loveridge Interiors and The Ivy House are closed for the holidays until Monday, 14 January 2013.

Thank you to all my wonderful customers and friends; thank you for all the comments, support and camaraderie - I really appreciate it all.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Annie x

Images via here, hereherehere and here.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Emma Hayes - MM Collection

It's always lovely finding local artists who produce beautiful work and I think the River and Tidal Wallpapers by NZ graphic designer, Emma Hayes for MM Collection are pieces of art more than mere wallcovering.

Both papers are 138 cm wide and are sold by the metre; $189 per metre, available at the Paper Room in Auckland and online. They would look equally amazing in an entrance way or on a large hanging pendant shade.

River Wallpaper

Tidal Wallpaper

Emma has also created cushions and throws within the same collection.

River Silk Pillowcases

Rockpool Linen Cushions

Ink Blanket and Pillowcases

The papers are on display at the Paper Room in Auckland and all Emma's beautiful textiles can be viewed online here.

Images 1 - 3 courtesy of Paper Room; 4 - 6 via MM Collection.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Armadillo&Co Triangle Rug

I just spotted this gorgeous room on Armadillo&Co's I Love My Rug site. Who wouldn't love this???

Part of Armadillo&Co's Designer Collection, this Triangle rug by Campbell Wake Interior Design and Styling is available in 23 colours. This clever design shows how a truly custom look can be achieved.

The Armadillo&Co range of hand woven rugs is available in NZ exclusively through The Ivy House. We have some Designer Rugs available for viewing at the Paper Room in Auckland or online at www.theivyhouse.co.nz.

I hope you all have a very happy weekend. Annie x.

Image 1 from here; 2 from here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quadrille Fabrics' Nomad

Quadrille Fabrics has just updated their website's opening image to this fabulous sitting room designed by Carolyne Roehm, using Quadrille's Nomad in New Navy...

It helps that this is a beautiful room...the scale, the panelling, the joinery, those windows...but I am particularly drawn to the pop of green in the alcoves. Take that away and the feel of the room is quite different. 

I have approximately 8m of this same fabric in stock for NZ and Australian clients...it is a beautiful linen cotton base and the design is amazing! We have used it on a master bed - a bolster and quilt with a feature cushion in a velvet in the same colour for some very happy clients.

For all enquiries for Quadrille Fabric in NZ and Australia, please contact me at annie@annieloveridge interiors.co.nz.

All images courtesy of Carolyne Roehm.